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Speak to a Smoking Cessation Counselor: 1-877-44U-QUIT

Smoking cessation counselors from the National Cancer Institute are available to answer smoking-related questions in English or Spanish, Monday through Friday. Sponsored by

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Nicotine Addiction Quiz

This short nicotine dependency test will help determine your level of nicotine addiction. This test should be used as a guideline and has been approved for medical accuracy by Dartmouth Medical School.

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Join a Group to Help You Stop Smoking - Yahoo Groups

Get support to help you never smoke again. Active peer support for those thinking of quitting, have just quit, need support in their quit and those who are supporting others in abstaining from nicotine products. Check out the NicotineBusters group with 1,200+ members, and Quit-Smoking-Support with 938 members.

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Smoking - The Facts

An interactive multimedia tutorial on smoking. An audio-visual question-answer format is used to educate on the menace of smoking and its harmful effects on the citizens of the United States.

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Tobacco Addiction Reseach Report

A detailed research report that aims to provide information on the overall understanding of addiction and of nicotine as an addictive drug. Learn about other drugs that may contribute to smoking addiction.

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The Health Consequences of Smoking on the Human Body

A flash presentation with images and visual presentation of the harmful effects of smoking on the body. Each body part affected by smoking tackled in an informative manner.

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Quit Smoking Counter - Watch the Benefits Add Up

Immediately after you quit smoking the healing begins. Enter the time you quit smoking, your daily cigarette consumption, and cost. Learn about the benefit to your lungs, heart, mouth, and wallet.

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Why is It So Hard to Quit Smoking?

While smokers will list a variety of reasons why they continue to smoke despite the fact that half of them will die younger because of it, the real truth can largely be boiled down to one fact -- they're addicted to nicotine. Read why it's so darn hard to quit in this engaging HowStuffWorks article.

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Smoking & Pregnancy

The American Lung Association answers your questions about the risks associated with smoking during pregnancy are answered here. Find out how you can get help if you are pregnant and wish to quit smoking.

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Trends in Smoke Nicotine Yield and Relationship to Design Characteristics Among Popular U.S. Cigarette Brands 1997-2005

Finding it hard to quit? This research report from Harvard confirms that cigarettes now have more nicotine - the stuff that keeps you puffing away.

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