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Fitday – Free Diet & Weight Loss Journal

Fitday offers one of the best free tools to help you track your weight, calories, activities, body measurements, and even moods. This is a very thorough and easy-to-use site.

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Traineo Weight Loss Community

The Traineo community is devoted to supporting weight loss. If you are struggling and looking for online support, this is the right place. You’ll discover free weight, diet, and workout logs that you can define for yourself. Traineo will aggregate the data and present it in a nice, easy-to-read graph, and the community is a big help in motivating you to reach your goals! Free membership is required.

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PEERTrainer – Buddy Up. Slim Down.

PEERtrainer helps you be accountable to yourself, and supported by others in small online groups and teams. Membership is free. You receive daily logs for meals, workouts and goals, small groups that keep you accountable, calorie counter, community, and blogs.

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50 Weight Loss Tips From Chris Pirillo’s Blog

Chris Pirillo shares tips on how he lost 30 pounds in three months. You’ll discover tips you haven’t heard before. Chris only shares tips that are realistic and hype-free; it’s clear that they helped him reach his weight loss goals. You can add your own tips in the comments.

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Map Your Workout with MapMyFitness

MapMyFitness is an excellent tool to track your workout, whether it’s a run, walk, bike ride, or hike. A bit overwhelming at first, the site offers a huge set of features for setting up a training plan, mapping your workout, calculating the calories you've burned, and more.

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Eating Out? Get Calorie Counts Before You Order.

You are in a restaurant with friends and want to be “good”. Before you order, send a text to DIET1 (34381) with the name of a chain restaurant and the food you're considering, and you'll get a reply with all the nutrition information. Nutrition on the Go service is a service of

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Record Your Progress with Photos

Tracking your weight loss progress with photos is an excellent way to maintain motivation – you can do it the old-fashioned way with Polaroid’s, or upload digital photos into Flickr. Don’t worry you can keep photos private. You can even view your progress on a calendar – great for a day-by-day representation of your success.

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Count Calories with CalorieKing

Control your weight or your weight will control you. CalorieKing puts you in charge of your weight. You can easily track everything you eat and every calorie you expend. If you love to track stats, this is the place for you.

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Get Free Diet Plans at SparkPeople

SparkPeople’s mission is to spark millions of people to reach their goals and lead healthier lives. This website offers nutrition, health, and fitness tools, support, and resources that are 100% free. Far beyond just weight loss, SparkPeople helps everyone learn to eat better and exercise regularly—for life.

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Identify Your Ideal Weight

Before you start your weight loss program, you need to know where you are headed. You can set a realistic ideal weight goal for your body using the calculators on this website.

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