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Low Sodium Diet


Sodium Content of Selected Foods from the USDA

Use this chart to see what foods have the highest sodium content. Learn what foods to avoid. Some of these may surprise you. For example, miso soup, seasoned bread crumbs, bagels, canned beef stew, and chicken noodle soup are all high in sodium.

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How to Follow a Low Sodium Diet

Produced by the Heart Failure Society of America, this PDF document gives you tips for following a low-sodium diet, the sodium content of selected foods and condiments, and how to make good choices when you eat in a restaurant.

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Get Low Sodium Meals Delivered to Your Door

Now you can obtain chef prepared frozen complete meals that are low enough in sodium for many low sodium lifestyles and best of all is delivered right to your door! These great tasting meals can go from freezer to table in just ten minutes. Home Bistro has complete meals that range from 250mg to 550mg.

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Shop for Low Sodium Products at Eat Low Sodium

According to the USCF Medical Center, the average American eats five or more teaspoons of salt each day. This is about 20 times as much as the body needs. This site specializes in products that are low sodium. Find salt free potato chips, low salt baked beans and more.

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Low Sodium Diet Entry on Wikipedia

A low sodium diet is a diet that includes no more than 2,000 to 3,000 milligrams of sodium per day. People who follow a vigorous or moderate exercise schedule are usually advised to limit their sodium intake to 3,000 mg per day and those with moderate to severe heart failure are usually advised to limit their sodium intake to 2,000 mg per day. Learn all about low-sodium diets from Wikipedia, the free online encyclopedia that is written collaboratively by volunteers.

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Find Low Sodium Recipes at

You have many, many tasty meal options when you are on a low-sodium diet. Discover new favorites at Allrecipes. Check out the user reviews for more information.

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Shop for Low-Sodium Cookbooks at

A low-salt diet not only is good for your heart, but is delicious, too. Here’s a list of low salt cookbooks available at Customer reviews and rankings guide you to the most helpful books for your situation. Ranked by relevance.

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How Low Sodium Diets Work

From the HowStuffWorks website, discover how low-sodium diets work, strategies for reducing your sodium intake, and much more. Put a low sodium diet to work for you.

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Find Low-Sodium Recipes at Mrs. Dash

Find tasty, full-flavored low sodium chicken recipes and more at Mrs. Dash. This website has over 170 beef, vegetable, chicken and fish recipes in low sodium, so you can enjoy them in good conscience.

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Nine Weeks to a Perfect Diet From the Center for Science in the Public Interest

Americans are bombarded with advice on what to eat. But much of that advice — like in ads sponsored by the meat, dairy, and fast-food industries — promotes a high-fat, high-cholesterol, high-salt, high-sugar disease-causing diet. Whether you are concerned about weight, heart disease, or just maximizing your health, this guide will help you eat a diet that is far more healthful.

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