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The South Beach Diet – List of Books

The South Beach diet is a diet plan started by Miami, Florida area cardiologist Arthur Agatston. The diet minimizes consumption of bad fats and bad carbohydrates and encourages increased consumption of good fats and good carbohydrates.

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Nutrisystems Diet - Website

NutriSystem Nourish Diet is a “send you the food” diet plan. The diet is based on the Glycemic Index of Carbohydrates. By combining exercise, and frequent smaller portioned meals, the glycemic index diet is supposed to reduce hunger (due to a constant blood glucose).

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Weight Watchers – Website

Founded in 1963 by Brooklyn homemaker Jean Nidetch, Weight Watchers is now an international company. Known best for its “Points” plan and weekly meetings, Weight Watchers now offers a mix of weight loss and meeting plans.

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Weight Watchers – List of Books

Weight Watcher’s books are full of inspiration and motivation. Start building your weight-loss library today! Learn how Weight Watchers can help you learn to cook healthier, shop smarter and eat out while you’re losing weight.

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Acupuncture Ear Staples for Weight Loss

Ear stapling is based loosely on acupuncture and is said to help in with appetite control and weight loss. Ear Stapling involves having your ear pierced at certain acupuncture points with a stainless steel staple and will, allegedly, control appetite, food cravings and, ultimately, help you lose weight.

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The 3-Hour Diet: How Low-Carb Diets Make You Fat and Timing Makes You Thin

The premise for the three hour diet is keeping your blood sugar stable. If you eat the right foods every three hours, you don’t get hungry. When you are hungry, or starving like on other diets, you overeat and end up gaining weight! Learn more in this book.

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The Fat Smash Diet: The Last Diet You'll Ever Need

The Fat Smash diet was created by Dr. Ian Smith. It’s meant to be a 90 day program, but promises you will see results in as little as 9 days. The Fat Smash was coined because the diet process he created smashes the bad eating habits and lack of exercise in your lifestyle. We’re wishing you a smashing success with this diet!

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1200 Calorie Diet – Count Your Way to Success

This diet is about counting calories. You get to eat 1200 calories a day, and that’s it! With limited caloric intake, your body will burn excess calories for energy and you lose weight.

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The Blood Type Diet: Eat Right for Your Type

The Blood Type Diet gained its newfound popularity in 1997 with the publication of the book, “Eat Right 4 Your Type” written by Dr. Peter D’Adamo. This diet was created by years of research on blood by his father, and also his own research and testing.

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Shop for Books to Support your Raw Diet

Get support, recipies, and lifestyle tips from these books on raw diets. Reader reviews and ratings guide you to the best books for your raw diet.

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