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Wikipedia Entry on Traditional Chinese Medicine

Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) theory is extremely complex and originated thousands of years ago through meticulous observation of nature, the cosmos, and the human body. Major theories include those of Yin-yang, the Five Phases, the human body Channel system, Zang Fu organ theory, six confirmations, four layers, etc. Get more facts on TCM from Wikipedia, the free online encyclopedia that is written collaboratively by volunteers.

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Chinese Medicine News – A Blog About Everything That is Chinese Medicine

Chinese Medicine News is an info weblog dedicated to reporting evidence-based studies and research on traditional Chinese medicine (TCM).

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Deepest Health – A Blog That Explores Classical Chinese Medicine

Written by Eric Grey, a student of classical Chinese medicine at the National College of Natural Medicine in Portland, OR. The blog is dedicated to exploring classical Chinese medicine, professional ethics and the status of the profession today.

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Insights For Acupuncturists

Written by Lisa Hanfileti, LAc Insights-For-Acupuncturists provides resources, information, and tools for acupuncture students, graduates, and practitioners. Lisa just wrote a new ebook called, "Complementary and Alternative Marketing" which you can read more about on her Blog.

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Traditional Chinese Medicine: A Cure for What Ails You – A YouTube Video

Find answers to questions about Chinese herbs and treatment options. Dr. Maryam Mahanian takes you on a trip through a traditional Chinese medicine store and explains some of the most commonly used medicinal herbs. 5 Stars | 3:29

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How Traditional Chinese Medicine Works From HowStuffWorks

Traditional Chinese medicine is an ancient practice still used by millions of people all over the world, even after the development of modern scientific medicine. Visit this site to explore the history of traditional Chinese medicine and learn how these ancient remedies ï€­ï€ from acupuncture to green tea -- are still practiced today.

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Shop for Chinese Herbs at Dragon Chinese Herbs Direct

Discover the largest Chinese herb selection, at the best value. As a large volume purchaser of herbal remedies Chinese Herbs Direct, is able to pass on savings of 20-50% and more off regular prices. Satisfaction is guaranteed. If you're not 100% satisfied, Chinese Herbs Direct will refund your money.

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TCM: Traditional Chinese Medicine and Health Information Organization

The TCM website has everything you could possible want to know about traditional Chinese medicine and acupuncture. Discover herbs, formulas and uses. Has an area for diagnosis and prevention. In addition, there is a blog, store, links to journal articles, and much more.

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The Use of Chinese Herbs for Cancer Recovery – a YouTube Video

Western treatment is very strong and may weaken the body, Chinese herbs can be used to help speed up the recovery process, restore balance, and prevent the spread of the cancer to other organs.

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Acupunture and Chinese Herbal Medicine FAQs

Answers to some of the more common questions about acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine, provided by AcuMedic.

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